Incepa Responds: Learn how to correctly clean the wall tiles options offered by Incepa

Porcelain tiles are the most resistant ceramic wall tiles on the market, with high mechanical strength and low porosity. However, some extra precautions can make your wall tile last longer.

The main point of attention should be daily cleaning. Cleaning them in the right way ensures that the beauty of the piece lasts, as well as its shine and characteristics. Knowing this, we separate some important tips. Check it out!

How to clean your porcelain tile

01. Choice of products and materials

No specific products are needed to perform the daily cleaning of porcelain tiles. All you need is a pH-neutral detergent and water.

Several products on the market promise to make cleaning easier. However, they usually have high acidity and alkalinity, which can attack the pieces and cause irreversible damage to the surface of porcelain tiles.

The materials used are also simple: soft bristle broom, buckets, squeegee, and cloth. It is worth mentioning that steel wool should never be used when cleaning, as it can scratch and compromise the brightness of the piece.

02. Cleaning step by step

In the first step of cleaning, sweep the area you want to clean, removing loose particles on the porcelain tile. Then, perform the 2 buckets technique: prepare the water and detergent solution in a bucket and separate a second bucket with clean water.

Start by dipping the clean cloth into the solution and rubbing the porcelain tile. For more effective cleaning, we recommend letting it act for 2 or 3 minutes before removing it.

While the solution is acting on the porcelain tile, take the opportunity to wash the cloth used in the clean water of the second bucket. So the soap and water mixture always stays clean for you to apply.

Finally, rinse the floor with a damp cloth to avoid stains. If you want to improve the drying of the product and give it an extra clean scent, you can add a small amount of scented alcohol to the dry cloth.

Extra tip

Incepa wall tiles feature the smallest joints on the market. However, if you use it in wet areas, such as in the bathroom, it is normal for sludge to appear in the grout.

For these cases, it is recommended to use hot water, bicarbonate of soda, and a hard bristle brush to clean between the wall tiles and avoid the accumulation of these residues.

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