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Rectified Products

In the production process of floors, ceramic coatings and porcelains, there may be minimal variations in size. For a uniform finish, the product goes through a perfect cutting process at the edges, which ensures exact dimensions of the parts allowing precise alignment and application with minimum joint of 1mm between the parts.

Recognize when a product is rectified:

Conventional 33 x 45 25 x 60 33 x 60 44,4 x 44,4 54,4 x 54,4 61 x 61
Rectified 32 x 44 24 x 59 32 x 59 43,8 x 43,8 53,4 x 53,4 60 x 60

Incepa Certifications

Incepa Enamelled porcelain tiles are certified by ccb (Ceramic Center  of Brazil), a body accredited by the general coordination of Inmetro Accreditation, strictly complying with compliance standards – NBR 15463 and ISO 13006.

Enameled Porcelain 

These products are composed of special raw materials. Due to low water absorption (

<=0.5%) porcelains have high mechanical resistance.  Its surface is enameled, allowing numerous prints on the pieces.

Porcelain Tuttomassa

EN Natural Effect

Produced with incepa’s exclusive technology, this porcelain has uniformly colored mass, from the base to the surface. This technique allows the creation of products with different textures and reliefs, Providing a Natural Effect on each. piece.

Usage Group

The correct specification ensures good performance.

The criteria used for the classification of products in Usage Groups are based on two main characteristics of porcelains: wear resistance and risk resistance in real conditions of

application. Thus, the choice of a product for a given environment should mainly consider the traffic of the environment, so that the durability of the product can be ensured. The analysis of these characteristics

results in much more reliable data for the correct specification of porcelains. They are indicated for the following usage condition classes.

TonalIty Variation Classes

Some series of porcelains are produced with tonal variations to reproduce the nuances of colors and textures of the natural elements. De tonalization between parts ranges from V1 (uniform) to V4 (random),

passing through V2 (weak) and V3 (moderate).

Different Reliefs

Varied reliefs between the pieces ensure greater fidelity to natural products.

Important points:

Packing: are packed randomly with pieces of different reliefs;

Store display: expose the pieces with different reliefs side by side, so that consumers can observe the effect of the product;

Applications: Parts should be applied randomly to enhance their natural effect.

Id Fingerprint

High-definition Digital Printing faithfully reproduces the colors, nuances and designs found in marbles, woods and natural stones. The fingerprint reaches the entire surface of the ceramic body, including irregular surfaces and reliefs.

Lapados Products

They are partially polished, and the same piece can be observed matte and shiny points, resulting in a sophisticated finish.

ABS (Adherence, Beauty and Safety)

Incepa with Roca technology offers the solution for floors specific to external areas. Products 30% adherent than those found in the market. Only Incepa has ABS technology for floors. Check out the advantages of the floors with ABS:

  • Non-slip;
  • Lower roughness;
  • Greater practicality in cleaning;
  • Suitable for indoor environments (box,around bathtubs, sinks) and outdoor environments.

Polished Porcelain

They are ceramic coatings of very low water absorption, non-enamelled and shiny surface. Due to these characteristics are risk-sensitive  and require special care in their maintenance, such as

use neutral products(ph=7.0) for cleaning. In the market there are products with great alkalinity and acidity for carrying out heavy cleaning, these, however, attack the surface of the product producing stains.

Porcelain for Swimming Pool

Laguna is the first porcelain specific for swimming pools. Pool products require rigorous technical characteristics. Its water absorption is less than 0.5%, which results in high mechanical resistance and low  expansion by moisture.

Differentials of the Laguna porcelain: 

* Tablet effect;
* Minimum joint of  1mm;
* Low water absorption;
* Allows the use of common grout;
* Chlorine resistance;
* Ease of cleaning;
* Special pieces for swimming pools

Minimum Joints (Floors)

What is Flat Edge?

1mm joint. Effect of Rectified.

Developed exclusively by Incepa, the Flat Edge technique presents its surface with greater flatness, allowing the decoration to reach the piece in its entirety, eliminating the traditional white edge and offering

best finish. This technique is applied to coatings in 33×45 and 33×60 unembossed formats and provides the effect of rectified product after applied.

What is Dry Joint?

Dry Joint. Insert effect

These products should be applied without space between the parts, because it is the Dry Joint that provides the effect of a single plate, where the seam between the parts is not perceived.

* But be careful: in addition to this effect all the grooves of the parts must be rejoined.

Digital Print Id

High-definition fingerprint faithfully reproduces the colors, nuances and designs found in marbles, woods and natural stones. Fingerprint reaches the entire surface of the ceramic body, including surfaces

irregular and reliefs.

Vitrified Mosaics C+V

Ceramics + Glass

C+V mosaics have a ceramic base and a glazed surface. With this they present important differentials in relation to glass inserts such as:

  • Insert effect with glazed surface;
  • Ceramic base;
  • Same thickness of Incepa coatings;
  • Depending on the base being ceramic, the filling with dough for leveling these parts dispenses mortar and special workmanship. Its application should be made with traditional ACI mortar;
  • Unlike vridro inserts,C+V mosaics do not change colors;
  • Available in screened plates and mosaics, which allow application on curved surfaces;
  • Screened tiles are indicated for indoor and outdoor areas.

Easy Wall

30% thinner. 100% more practical. Ease and economy for your retirement.

With thickness 30% thinner than that of conventional products, this coating with only 6mm, allows the application in new works and on old coatings.

For applications on old coatings use special mortar for coating;

For application on plastered walls, use traditional ACI mortar.

Minimum Joints (Wall)

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