Incepa Responds: tips for not making mistakes when using wall tiles in outdoor areas

Outdoor areas are being increasingly valued, especially in this moment of social isolation when we spend more time at home. The gardens, balconies, and decks became our spaces for leisure and comfort.

However, to ensure uncomplicated and pleasant moments, external areas need to receive special attention, especially when we talk about wall tiles. Exposure to the actions of time and intense movement call for products that are resistant and offer security for residents.

In this scenario, porcelain tiles are a great option. Easy to clean and durable, they can be applied in different environments, such as balconies, swimming pools, and garages. In addition, they have low water absorption (between 0.1% and 0.5%) and high mechanical resistance, as a result, we have a super resistant product that can withstand the weight exerted on it.

But, how to choose the correct porcelain tile for outdoor areas in such a vast universe? Our first recommendation is to opt for ABS products, this type of finish has a Moist Friction Coefficient > 0.70, which guarantees 30% greater adhesion compared to traditional finishes.

However, even presenting a high index of Moist Friction Coefficient, its surface is not rough and maintains practicality in cleaning. As an example, we have Quartzite, which in addition to having an incredible look, is safe and resistant for outdoor areas.

Wall tile: Quartzita, Incepa

Another tip is to prioritize porcelain tile lines that are not polished (Natural Technique, for example). In this text, we explain in detail the different types of porcelain tiles, but, in general, technical porcelain tiles are those that do not receive a layer of enamel. This makes them more scratch resistant and less slippery.

Alpha wall tile is one of the porcelain tiles with this type of finish. Available in 02 different colors, it is ideal for integrating external and internal environments.

Wall tile: Alpha, Incepa.

As we can see, functionality and safety need to be the focus to choose the ideal porcelain tile. If you are thinking of changing your pool lining, we recommend products that are intended for this use – the Oceanic line, for example.

However, as they are practically waterproof, it is important to remember to add a drain in the installation or ensure that the rough texture allows for good water drainage.

Oceanic line, Incepa

And for those who want an alternative to wooden decks, wall tiles with HD printing are the best option. They guarantee all the aesthetic beauty of the natural material and still maintain the advantages of porcelain. A good example is the Loft Wood line, which has in its print all the wood grains and their different shades.

A tendency for outdoor areas, porcelain tiles can still be found with stone or cement textures, guaranteeing their aesthetic effect with a much higher cost-benefit than natural materials.

With versatility in both finishes and sizes, they allow all types of composition!