Ceramic products are considered inert, that is, they do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that harm the health of the users. Because they are inert, they also do not harm the environment when correctly disposed of.


The daily maintenance of our products does not require the use of any chemicals that are harmful to the human health. Thus, reducing the dispersion of toxic substances.


The rhythm of life in the modern world means that most of our hours are spent in indoor spaces. Therefore, the care in choosing the materials and coatings that will compose this space are the main factors responsible for the quality of life that we will have inside them.

Natural materials are considered especially stimulating, replicating the properties of natural minerals and other materials found in nature. Human beings respond positively to visual and tactile stimuli that evoke nature. Some benefits are increased production, creativity and reduction of anxiety and stress.

Our designs inspired by natural elements accomplish this function within the biophilic architecture. To achieve this level of excellence, we have the advanced technique of High Definition Digital Printing in our plant in Campo Largo, faithfully reproducing the veins and colors of the most coveted marbles, the variations in tone and irregular reliefs of woods and natural stones. The accuracy and benefits of natural elements within your project with a lower carbon footprint.

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